Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is that God talking in Nick's favorite alley

At the Grand Coulee Dam which is near where we camp, they put on a nightly laser show in the summer time. Its all about the Dam and the “MIGHTY COLUMBIA RIVER” as a deep voice booms loudly in the beginning of the show.

We were telling Nick all about it, and I said “Its right up your alley”. It is too, because he is so into learning stuff, especially about geography and nature.

Alex looked at me and said: “Mom, what is Nick’s favorite Alley?”. This gave everyone quite a chuckle.

Once there, and seated in the outdoor bleachers to see the show, I logged onto my laptop because I had homework to do and Ive seen the show before. And unless it is a laser show which involves loud rock music and seats that rock back and forth it is not in MY favorite alley. Once the voice did its “MIGHTY COLUMBIA RIVER” thing, Sasha tapped me on the shoulder, interrupting the writing of a thesis statement, and asked:

“Is that God talking?”

Goodness, I hope not because if it is, I better put this laptop away and pay attention. Not to mention there is a question I would have liked to ask him: Why Mosquitoes, God?.

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Erin said...

HAHAHA!!! Too funny!