Thursday, August 14, 2008

Feet First (Thank God)

Our motor home is a little one from like the 70’s. Maybe early 80’s. Anyway its small. It has one of those overhead sleepers, over the driver/passenger heads. Its very open and nothing to keep one from rolling out if one is so inclined to do so. Which Sasha was, apparently.

The hub had put up a curtain rod and curtain to block the light of the early morning out. We wanted it to appear dark out for as long as possible to the kids sleeping longer, so WE could sleep longer.

I had just fallen asleep when I heard the sound of the curtain rod crashing down. I could hear my hub muttering and then saying, “I got you, you re ok”.

Sasha had fallen out of the bunk, her feet landing on hub’s head. I should have known that was going to happen. She and Alex are everywhere when they sleep. I thought since shes never fallen out of bed, she would be ok up there. Not.

So, she was ok, and in fact barely even woke up through the ordeal. We had to arrange the whole sleeping arrangement. We couldn’t leave little Alex up there now. So, we moved his sleeping butt down. He slept with Pop. I crawled up into the bunk. Sasha slept on the floor of the camper. Nick was already stretched out on the front seat and slept through all of it. I kept waking up every so often afraid of falling out myself.

In the morning we were talking about how we cant have children falling from the sky in the middle of the night. Alex thought HE had fallen out the bunk. Nothing would convince him other wise. Ok, then.

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