Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boy Scouts, Obama, Dear God and Almond Joy bars.

I hate it when I dont know what to title a blog. I end up with something stupid, just so I can hurry and get to the meat of the blog. Know what I mean?

Anyway the Boy Scout thing had me very confused until last night. See, A is in cubscouts, and L is in Boyscouts. They both just started. So, I was all confused about, dens, packs, troops, etc. I kept asking about L's den meeting, and my exasperated hub kept telling me that they dont have dens in boyscouts, thats cubscouts. Then I kept asking about A's troop, and once again my once-a boyscout-always- a- boyscout husband would tell me troops are for boyscouts...or something like that. See? Im probably still screwing up. I give up. Last night L had his first whatever its called meeting. I think its going to be good. He gets to go Spelunking. Know what that is? Its cave exploring...of course, as I was listening, I was picturing the "Goonies". Such an 80's geek. But its a fun word to say, Spelunking. Go ahead try it. You know you want to, just do it.

A gives me quite a giggle when he says our presidents name. The other day he informed me that " A lot of people are losing their houses because of "A rock a bamma". Not sure where, he got that information, but it wasnt me. I just love the way he says the name.

Last night before dinner the kids got a lecture about pulling some stuff they have been talked to about before many times. When we sat down to dinner, A must have still had the lecture in his mind because when asked to say the prayer he said:

"Dear God, please help us kids get our heads out of our a..."

Hub was quicker than me, because he was able to cut him off before he swore at the Lord. So, I finished the prayer and afterward we had a talk about bad words, and what probably isnt appropriate to say in a prayer. It wasnt all that funny last night, but this morning I was sitting at my desk laughing so hard about it, I started to cry. Good stuff.

On the work front, things are as lovely as ever. Yesterday, I was told that GICOE sat in the office of one of my coworkers and raided his candy drawer, I mean really rated it. The eye witness claims that GICOE sat there and downed NINE Almond Joy bars. Nine. The full size ones too, not the little snack size. Unbelievable, but I totally believe it.


sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Oh, the prayer is too funny! I burst out laughing at that. A rock a bamma...very cute.

Nine almond joys in one sitting? Who does that? (Well, who ELSE does that??)

Spelunking is a great word! Everytime I hear it I try to work it into conversations for a few days.

Macey said...

Hahahah! Obama IS a rock, isn't he?!

Slamdunk said...

Too funny. I am glad to have the daily laughs provided by the mispronouncing that goes on here at little kidville.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

OK - you had me at Alomond Joy Bars (and then I actually read the whole post and got to GICOE...and well, lets say this will certainly help with my diet and future chocolate temptations...) Oh, and I think your son's prayer is both hysterical and perfectly acceptable. The world would be a much better place if more folks had thier heads, ahhhem, "outside"!

Erin said...

Don't feel bad....V once prayed for God to help her not have "as crappy a day as yesterday." Not funny at all but very enlightening as to words I shouldn't use so much, lol!

The Accidental Mommy said...

LOL, love that prayer! I'm sure the Lord would have understood.... said...

thanks for the giggles, I needs that, yeah for kids and honest prayers.