Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Mumbling....

Im tired today (as I am every Monday) and I had a big 'ol post planned out, and now for the life of me, I cant remember what I was going to say. Oh well....

Little A is a prankster, and I hope this wont get worse as he gets older. Lately he has been pulling fast ones on me at bedtime, and Im just too dense to see them coming I guess.

Ill tuck him in, read a story, talk, whatever, and then I turn his night light on, and turn his overhead off, and close the door. Only my brain is so overloaded, sometimes I forget one of the last three steps.

A few nights ago, as I made my way down the hall away from his room I hear:

" forgot to turn my night light on!". So, knowing how he doesnt want to be in the dark, I scurry back to his room and throw open the door. His night lights WERE on. I sigh, and he breaks out into hysterical laughter.

Just last night, I am halfway down the hall and I hear:

" forgot to turn my big light off". I go back to his room, open the door to a softly night-light lit room. The big light was off. Now, I feel silly...and again hysterical laughter from him. This time though, the laughter goes on until Im all the way up stairs and can hear it no more. Sigh....I really am going to have to watch him.

Oh a nice peice of advice for those who are investing in a new area rug AND who also happen to have a new, as of yet potty trained puppy:

DO NOT GET AN AREA RUG WITH A LOT OF DARK BROWN OR BLACK IN IT. Just trust me on this one. Being able to SEE the poop, is a much better option than not wanting to see stains on your rug. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Puppy poop on a rug? Yep been there. I hope your day is relaxing as possible.

Macey said...

Little A IS a lil prankster huh!! That's cute. :)
The new rug....ugh. Hey, that rhymes!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Treasure those times while he still calls you for tuck in time....what a stinkin' cute puppy!!! Name? How does the Princess feel about this?

obladi oblada said...

MDX2...sssshhh...thats not a pic of my poopy, its just a random pic. Our new poopy's name is Rocky. I think theres a pic of him somewhere on the blog, if not, Ill have to rectify that. The princess is actually quite tolernat of the poopy...for now.

Slamdunk said...

Your kiddo sounds very entertaining.

And, I should have read your advice a few months ago--we have dark brown rugs and a new dog now at the house. This could be an unpleasant mix.

Shawn said...

Mooommm, you forgot to pick up the dog's poop!

No really, it's still there.