Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bed Fairies

It has been a crappy day. Just plain old crappy. I wont go into detail, most of it is my own fault. This morning I asked A if he made his bed, he said he did. It was awfully quick so I said:

Hmm, lets just see..

A: Well, I DID...I think..
Me: What? Did the bad room fairies come in and mess it up?
A: Maybe

Just as I suspected. The big blanket was thrown over all the other bedding which was definitely not made.

A: Well, I made it by covering the other stuff up. So, I made it.
Me: Nope. I know you know what a made bed is.
A: I thought it was made...

So tonight, because I dont like six year olds trying to outsmart me A will have Bed Making Practice. Just a couple times, to refresh his memory on how to make a bed.

Please know that this is the kid who can make a bed A LOT better than his older siblings. He is quite an impressive bed maker. When he actually tries to make it that is.

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Erin said...

Didn't you know that's how ALL beds are made, Mom? :) LOL! I have done the same thing with V. Good for you for making him practice - his wife will thank you one day.