Wednesday, September 1, 2010

30 Day Blogging Challenge....

Ok. this sounds like fun, and Lord knows I can use something to blog about on some days. I got this from Rain. The following is the list of what to blog about. Ill still blog my usual stuff too...if there is anything say.

Day 1-Favorite Song
Day 2- Favorite Movie
Day 3-Favorite TV show
Day 4-Favorite Book
Day 5-Favorite Quote
Day 6-20 of your Favorite Things'
Day 7-A photo that makes you happy
Day 8-A photo that makes you angry or sad
Day 9-A photo you took
Day 10-A Photo taken over ten years ago of you
Day 11-A photo of you recently
Day 12-Something you are OCD about
Day 13-A fictional book
Day 14-A non fictional book
Day 15-Your dream house
Day 16-A song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17-An art piece (drawing, sculpture, painting, etc)
Day 18-Your wedding
Day 19-A talent of yours
Day 20-A hobby of yours
Day 21-A recipe
Day 22-A Website
Day 23-A youtube video
Day 24-Where you live
Day 25-Your day in great detail
Day 26-Your week in great detail
Day 27-Your worst habit
Day 28-Whats in your handbag/purse
Day 29-Hopes, dreams and plans for the  next 365 days
Day 30-A dream for the future

Wow...some of these I prolly honestly wont get around to doing, because well....I dont want to. So there. No, I will try my best. I think....

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Mama Drama Times Two said...

OK - I am sooo far behind reading. I had to backtrack to here to see what the challenge is...I may try to catch up.. but I'm feeling a little intimidated with school starting this week...