Monday, September 20, 2010

A Hobby of Mine...Day 20 Blogging Challenge

Ok, I think most of my hobbies have been discussed on here before. I like put things into my face...I like to read....I like to cook, particularly to bake. I like to swim and do all manners of water type things. I like dogs. I like to scrapbook, I like TV and movies.  You know...all the usual stuff

One hobbie, however that I dont really discuss much of at all here and is really kind of personal to me is my fondness for missing people and unsolved murder cases. Particularly, I am a psychology freak. I love trying to figure people out that do hideous things, in particular. Yeah, Im a bit strange. I will admit that much. I watch a lot of Nancy Grace (or used to before she started focusing so much on spoiled celebraties), and a lot of Investigation Discovery. I like to read true crime books. I can keep my self awake at night trying to figure out where Haleigh Cummings or Kyron Horman are. What Casey Anthony is exactly...stuff like that. The Jon Benet Ramsey case, as well as the Jacob Wetterling, Gabriel Johnson, and Trenton Duckett cases all bug the crap out of me. Same with missing adult cases.....those are really strange. Do people really just take off more than we think they do? Where do they all go? Is the sex slave industry so huge and protected by influencial (read Government or owners of corprate monsters, if you wish....) people that they just are allowed to exist? Scary thought. These people have to be somewhere. And someone KNOWS what happened to them. We truly do walk amongst monsters......

I can and do sometimes spend days on the computer researching and reading about various cases. I am a websluether and am a member of that website (blog entry coming soon).  Sometimes it consumes me too much, which is why I keep it kind of private, well....until now that is. The kitty is out of the proverbial bag, I guess. Meow.

But really...WHERE are they and what HAPPENED to them and WHO is involved?

Haleigh Cummings

Kyron Horman

Jacob Wetterling

Gabriel Johnson

Trenton Duckett


Slamdunk said...

I definitely share your interest in missing persons cases. I ask the same questions: Where? Why? How?

Very sad.

The Accidental Mommy said...

What's really horrible is that you KNOW there are people spouting off in public who KNOW where those kids are, especially the first two. Makes me want to scream!

Cassie said...

It's really sad about the kids but as for the adults... Sometimes I fantasize about just taking off, going off the grid where no one can find me and I don't have to pay taxes! LOL

foxy said...

And what about that whole family in CA that went missing? Maybe it was last year?? Remember that?

We DO live amongst monsters... and one could be right next door! THAT is the scariest thing to me.

I also must admit to researching that kind of stuff all too frequently. CrimeLibrary used to be one of my favorite sites to peruse. And it would freak me out all the same. But I figure that it's better to be prepared for a serial killer if ever you encounter one, ya know? That's why I read all their crazy stories.

Macey said...

Crap. My comment got messed up.
Anyway. Our hobbies are the same except I don't like to cook. I like to bake sometimes, but only sometimes.
I really am into the missing person things you like Ann Rule?? I do. But it makes me sad to read her stuff too. :(
Anyway, wouldn't it be awesome if you figured out where they were? Like Kyron sad, it's so close to home, both in locale and in the age of him and stuff. :(

obladi oblada said...

Foxy: The McStay family! Yes..that one bugs me too. If it wasnt for their beloved dogs left in the backyard unattended, I would say they just took off. But....from all accounts their dogs were well taken care of. Our neighbor just got arrested for child yeah, its scary. My kids dont hardly go ANYWHERE by themselves.

MiMi: Hubby and I will be in Portland on Friday and I am begging him to go check out the area where Kyron was at...the school, and I want to look around sauvie island too. Not because I think Ill crack the case, but because Im curious. He is afraid well be arrested for poking usually get what I want so I bet we will at least go by the school.:)