Sunday, February 1, 2009

Revelations, teeth, puke,basketball, nachos and nice drives

That pretty much sums up my weekend. I had a revelation a couple of days ago. I finally got some of the biology crud that I never seemed to grasp in school, probably because I just did not care. I could not understand why I needed to know what was inside a frog or what a sheep eye looked like when you cut it open (Jack, I hope you are reading this!) In biology in high school, I remember I was going to fail if I did not do my frog discection over my best friend, who was a very good student, stayed after with me and helped me. The teacher allowed this, which was very cool. Anyway, I passed thanks to Jack. So, the other day Im reading material in one of my classes about Neurons and the brain and all that jazz, and I actually GOT IT. Yep, and what is scary is that I enjoyed it too.

A lost his first tooth and unlike N's tooth fairy experience here, the tooth fairy actually came that same night. He had been walking around wiggling the tooth all day long, and said it bothered him. So, T tied a string around it, and gave it a tug, and it came flying out of his mouth. I had to nose dive to the floor to save it from Joey (my dog), who was going to eat it...A then informed me that he was "exhausted" from all that worrying about his tooth. He cracks me up.

N came into my room at 2 am on Friday morning, just as I was falling asleep, and said he threw up. was extremely frustrating to see that he made it all the way INTO the bathroom, but couldnt hold on for another nanosecond to lift the toilet lid up. So, I had to clean about an inch deep puddle of puke off the toilet seat lid. Oh and off the floor, walls, and sides of the bathroom. It was like I was living with Reagan McNeil from the Exorcist. The next morning he said he was fine so we went to his first basketball practice, where we noticed he was pale and looked terrible. He was still not feeling well, so we took him home and he chilled on the couch. He is better now.

Today, of course was superbowl Sunday, not that it is a big deal to me, because its not. OH, except for the half time show with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band, Ive always been a fan, so that was cool. We are big Sopranos fans too, so seeing "Silvio Dante" again after the show ended (Im still not over this fact), was a treat. After church I came home and made a huge thing of Nachos and they were awesome. The team that this household was routing for (as much as someone who doesnt really care can route that is) did not win. Oh well.

After I put the kids to bed, I called my parents to see if one of them would come over and hang out while T and I went out to run a quick errand, and go for drive. My dad came over. It was really nice, going on a nice drive with him, no kids, just us, the darkness, the truck motor, the radio and the stray dog I tried with no avail, to coax in the car (like we need that, but I cant help it). So, that is it in a nutshell. Im so sick of school and not having time for a lot of things...more whining, I know.

I took a couple of cute pictures over the weekend, but no time to transfer them to my 'puter. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not. Tomorrow back to work, yippee skippy. I hope you all have a merciful monday!


Torina said...

I have a thing for strays, too. It is like people KNOW and just drop them off at our house. We have had to place 4 dropoffs at the Humane Society (after I plumped them up and taught them how to behave themselves).

Glad you got an evening to yourselves! SO nice, isn't it?

Erin said...

DO NOT feel bad - kids just freeze when they puke. It's like they know it's coming but they can't do a THING about it. I have seen it with V and with students - it is maddening but they really can't help it! I hope he gets over his bug soon!

Evenings to yourselves are awesome, aren't they???