Thursday, February 26, 2009

Animal Shelters

Im irritated.

I hate that song that goes, "In the arms of an (the?) angel(s?)" by Sara McLoghlin. I would rather go out and sit under a tree somewhere and stick needles in my eyes. In fact, I almost do that unitl I remember that despite the fact that it may relieve some of the pain the song is inducing, I do still need to see.

I know why I hate it so much too. Everytime I hear it I see big sad doggy eyes and pinchable, kissable doggy cheeks staring at me from behind the bars of some shelter who may euthanize the dog any second. I hate thinking about that or the fact that people are cruel to animals, so the song is just a big reminder of all that. OH, and the one eyed cat that they I really need to see that? No, I do not. Thank you very much.

How did it happen that she decides to have her song used for that anyway? Was it like this:

Oh, I think I would like my song to be used to cause severe emotional and mental pain to people who are extremely sensitive to the plight of homeless or abused animals by linking my song to disturgbing visuals, yeah I think that I might really like that (picks up phone and starts to dial agent, or whoever...) Is that what happened?

Maybe the intentions were good...still, I had to hear the thing TWICE today which is probably why Im in such a state.

Anyway if you would like to add a pet to your family (or a demon in a fur suit, if your into getting a cat), please go here. And for crying out loud, if your about to embark on a career in popular music, please find some other way to help this cause, than torture the likes of me. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

That song bugs me too. I always say "if that noise persists I'm going to gouge out my eyes" glad to hear I'm not the only one.

Erin said...

I HATE that commercial. I mean, it's great for what she is advocating, but I hate seeing those sad animals. :( I always pause the TiVo and then fast forward through it!