Sunday, February 22, 2009

Diarhea of the keyboard

I think I have that tonight because Im just posting away, cant seem to stop, even though I really, really, need to. I have laundry to finish, I have a paper to turn complete for turn in, I need to let the dogs out, I need to go to sleep, but here I sit.

We just sent the paperwork with the kids' name changes to the lawyers. Im getting excited. This is actually happening, for real. They will be ours, forever.

Tomorrow is my last day of school for two weeks and Im dead happy about it! All that free time...maybe I will even read a book, theres a novel idea (ha! get it? read? NOVEL idea? I crack myself up). Maybe Ill do some more catch up on scrapbooking or scrapblogging. Maybe I will do nothing at all. Maybe, I will just read blogs in all my spare time, or maybe I will watch a plethora of tv. Maybe...the possibilities seem endless.

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Erin said...

Nicholas Sparks and James Patterson both have new books out - check out my book list on my blog if you like either of those guys. :)

Congrats on the break!!!!