Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tag, Im it!!!

Oooh my first blog tag thing. Cool, Ive been wondering if anyone was ever going to tag me. I love games. Anyway, Mary Grace tagged me. I had to go to the 4th folder where my pictures are kept, and then post the fourth picture in it and write something, so here it goes:

Ok, this is oh about four or five years ago, in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. That is T on the left and his son B on the right. It was at the Burrito Bar, a little restaurant on the beach there that we were fond of. Im so thankful the fourth pic didnt have me in it!!! Thats the benefit of always being the photographer.

Oh yeah, now I have to tag four people. Hmmm...I tag....Sharon...Erin....Mel and about Corrine!


Mel said...

oh no you tagged me!!!! LOL i need to do a post on tags and awards...that must be done this coming week

thanks for the tag

obladi oblada said...

what? was that the wrong thing to do?

Stacey said...

i have never seen this tag before. very cute11