Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dog heaven and the best Mommy

A is so sweet. I mean it, sugar curdles in his presence. I just stole that from T who says that is what happens with our dachshund and sugar...anyway, it applies to A for me.

We got some paperwork in the mail meaning that the adoption will be final very soon. As I was tucking him in tonight he said that I he was glad I was his Mommy, and that I was the best one he has ever had. Its sad that his little life has been such that he can say that, but it warmed the crevices of my little heart.

Me: Aw, thank you. Why am I the best?
A: Because you dont make me take naps
Me: Is that the only reason?
A: Yes.

Oh, well it was still nice. Then he said how much he loved the dogs even Marco died before the kids came to us. He asked if Marco was in heaven. I said Yes, doggie heaven. Not that I believe in a literal doggie heaven, for sure, but what else do you say?

Then he proceeded to explain that doggie heaven was on one side, cat heaven (I KNOW that doesnt exist!) was on the other and human (yes, he said "human") was in the middle. Maybe he is right, after all the poem says that the rainbow bridge connects dogs and their owners after death, so this would fit. That is my little man.


Torina said...

Aw, how sweet, I guess ;)

I LOVE your playlist. We have VERY similar tastes in music!! Have you seen Robert Smith lately? How did he get so old when he used to be a babe??

obladi oblada said...

Unfortunately I have not seen Robert Smith lately because I was supposed to see the Cure two years ago around Halloween and they cancelled! Looking old huh? I will have to google a pic of him now. Im glad you like the playlist, its due for an update but Im gonna leave it a while.

rsbg said...

I am with you on the cat heaven! haha That nap conversation was priceless! We all KNOW you are an awesome Mommy for more than that, but what a cute little guy you have!

Erin said...

What a sweet boy! I am sure you are loved for much more than your nap disallowing, but that's pretty high up on the kindergarten checklist. :) I love his idea of heaven - and yes, there IS kitty heaven!