Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who was right?

My husband has this cute little thing that he does. Some women might find it annoying, but it makes me laugh, so its cool. Only, it funny when HE does it and not every male in the house.

If he says something and I disagree with it, and it turns out he was right for instance if the store is out of an item he said they would be out of, it goes like this:

T: Who was right?
Me: You were
T: Who was wrong?

and because I dont like this part, I TRY to ignore him or justify why I thought what I did. However, he will not give up, hell keep bothering me until I say it.

T: who was right? C'mon who was right? Say it. Who was right? And because Im either laughing now, or because I want him to be quiet, I will say, "You were". Then its over and we move on. Its like a game, really. I do the same to him if Im right, and he is a good sport then.

So, the other day A and I were in the car and I was going to pick my mother up from a meeting, and it was a little early. The conversation went like this:

Me: Hmmm...I wonder if grandma will be done, or if its too early (really just thinking out loud, not expecting six year old boy to get involved)

A: I think that she wont be

Me: She might...

We get there and she's not waiting out there.

A: Who was right?

Wonderful. He doesnt miss a thing, that one. I promptly called T and told him what A had said, of course he thought it was the funniest thing he heard all day. Men.


Erin said...

They have to hear that they were right -- it helps their egos. :)

A is such a character!

rsbg said...

that is too funny! now you will have THREE "who's right's" in your house!

obladi oblada said...

Oh no, not three! Im going to start doing it all the time....