Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Basketball, housekeeping, more puke, and ammo

Ok so Im lumping a lot of posts together. Im sorry, I am...but Im BUSY people. And if you are someone that I should be calling because we are friends and all, just know that I do love you, Im just busy, so busy in fact that I am departing with hard earned money to have SOMEONE else clean my house. Well, not the whole thing, just stuff I dont have time for. Like vaccuuming, and sweeping, and the windows (well, just one window really). I wouldnt be doing it if it werent cheap either. Its a very good deal and Im going for it. Yesterday was the first time I had her do it and she did awesome and I feel a little guilty that I dont pay her more. But dont tell her that. Oh and she is a dog lover, which is perfect, because I dont have to worry about the dogs. I dont worry about the cat, she is evil and probably scares the poor girl. She scares ME. Oh and of course, later on after it was all clean and the dining room floor was shiny, I found what I presume to be dog puke on it. I suspect the cat put something in their food.

N had his basketball game, his first real game ever and the look of surprise at how tiring it was was priceless. His little face was red as he ran back and forth for an hour. Hee Hee. He asked for it. It is good for him though, and he IS having fun. Im not a sports crazy mom, Im really not. I just think that kids should have an opportunity to try new things that they are interested in, and he is interested in sports and has never had an opportunity to play anything. Now he does, and I hope he finds one that he likes best. We will do the same for the other two.

Yesterday I went to the big city to buy T a very special valentine/anniversary gift. I swear this kind of thing always happens to me. I wanted to buy him some ammunition for a gun he just got (which we keep locked up seperately, for those of you who are tsk, tsking)and I was going to put it in a heart shaped box and everything. He would have loved it. Every stinking place I went to was out of this particular kind. So, I told him what I had been planning and told him to buy it when and if it ever came in. He is thrilled, so thats good. Im just bummed that I cant suprise him. Oh well.


Mel said...

Ammo for Valentines day, you just always make me smile!!

rsbg said...

i just love reading your blogs! you always crack me up! and don't you DARE feel bad about having someone help with the housework. you work, go to school and have 3 kids at home... need i say more?