Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Check this out...yes, another one.

I am doing this a lot lately, I cant help it. If I read something good or enlightening in some way, or important I feel I MUST share it. Thats just what I do. You are welcome.

Im not really naive or anything, I know orphanages are horrible places, but for some reason reading it in Creating My Own Nirvana drove the point home as did the post before it about the state that many children are in. Im stunned, I was cruising along with my rosy colored glasses on, and kind of needed a shot of reality. So, Im sharing the link, just in case you are here because you are wondering about adoption, specifically international adoption.

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Mel said...

Thank you for posting that link!!! Sometimes I think about international adoption but my heart is drawn to those who lack families here.