Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can I have the Deerhound please?

So, Im dog crazy. Anyone who knows me, or has ever known me knows this. Every year I make a huge deal of the West Minster Dog Show. It is my "superbowl". Last night the parental units (are you laughing, Jack?)came over for Subway and we all watched the first night of the shows.

If you could care less about this, I would understand...you may leave.

Ok, anyway, I was thrilled about the deerhound winning hound group although I would much rather one of the dachshunds would have won. The deerhound was cool though, Im scot from a long long time ago, so I was equally thrilled when the Scottish Terrier won the terrier group. I wont talk about the non sporting group. I didnt have a strong preference in the Herding group either.

Tonight, the rest of the groups and then best in show. Im psyched. If it goes wrong for me, and a POODLE wins, it wont be pretty. I have nothing against poodles really, I just hate that they win this show so darned often. There its out.

In 2002 T took me to NYC to see the big show in person. A poodle won. Yep. It was still a great trip, but why did a poodle have to win the year I was there? Go figure.


Erin said...

I still don't get why you can't give the bulldog any love. You GOTTA love that wrinkly face!

obladi oblada said...

Oh, I love bullies! Especially when they are babies NOTHING cuter than that!