Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Toy Review Time...

Time for another toy review and I think I will review the game we played last time, which is like the third Cranium game I think we have. I think I love Cranium. I havent had a bad time with any of their games yet.

This is Zooreka!You roll two kinds of dice, one a regular dice and one a resource dice which helps you pick up food, animal and shelter cards. The regular dice tells you how many spaces you may move on the board. You can land on different things like sunny day that gives you good news like, your giraffe just had a baby so you get to draw another animal card, or a stormy weather card which delivers bad news like, your monkeys got out, put pack three animal cards.

The different cards can be traded for each other when you land on a trading post space and just the right combination of cards gets you a habitat peice. You have sixteen to choose from. I always try to get the elephants, orangutanes, bats and dolphins. Collect four and you win the game, your zoo is complete! I think its funny that no one ever wants this habitat:

Thats right folks, the Naked Mole Rat! I give this game the full rating. I love it.


Melissa... said...

Okay I'm diggin' the game reviews idea (I know you said "toy" review). We've started a game night and have a lot of fun (it's not a bunch of fighting like I'd thought). More reviews please!

Erin said...

We will have to try this one! We just got a new "Carnival Games" for the wii and it has dominated game night. :)