Monday, January 26, 2009

Taking time out

Yesterday I did something I was quite proud of and made me feel like a good mom. T had taken the boys to the store to get some belts, so it was me and S. I was up to my eyebrows in homework and she had her little doll, Alexis and was just kind of hanging around, trying to be quiet so she wouldnt disturb me (Im cranky when Im distrubed while doing homework). It began to bother me that I was involved in my homework that it was taking away time I could have spending with just her, here in the house. SO....I turned the computer off. I did. And we played. It.was.good.

I said, "lets do something while all the boys are gone". She asked me what I wanted to play and I said I didnt care. So we pretended. Im used to doing that but in a different way. I pretend things like the dishes are clean, and that the alarm clock isnt going to go off in three minutes, and that my boss isnt knocking on my office door, stuff like that. S wanted me to pretend that I was the grandma (great, Im pretending, Im OLD), and that her two dolls were my grandchildren, two of eight. We talked about her ten year old son, Kevin. She was cracking me up. At one point I was supposed to come into her beauty shop and she was supposed to do my hair for Kevins birthday party. I played along, and then I cheated a little.

Me: Oh, thanks for doing my hair, it looks good
S: Your welcome.
Me: Can we go to your house now, we have a while before the party.
S: OK.
Me: If I promise not to mess up my hair, can I pretend to take a nap?
S; Ok.

and then I laid on her bed. I didnt actually sleep, but I was reclined, as she busied herself with her dolls. We just talked about all her kids and her "husband". She was cracking me up. It was fun, and I know it is something I should do more often, with all of the kids.


Keri said...

I love playing prestend with my girl, too, but WHY do they always have to make us the

Heidi said...

How awesome is that. But in our pretend world there are always horses and the mom is always dead. Wish that didn't happen.

Erin said...

I don't know why we have to be the grandmas either! I am always the grandma and V is the mommy and her baby is the baby. I also wind up watching the baby a lot. :) A grandma at 27 - who knew? Glad you and S had so much fun!

rsbg said...