Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wha's uuuuup?

Ive been sitting here struggling with the decision to blog or not to blog today. So, here I am. I just dont have a whole lot to say, or at least I think I dont. We shall see.

This weekend we had a glorious 12 hours to ourselves (T and me). It was good, although next time, we are going to spend it close to home instead of going into the wild and crazy "city". I dropped the kids off at the respite providers house, and went and had some much needed waxing done. I stopped at the coffee stand and got myself a delicious vanilla latte, and got T a vanilla Italian Soda, then went home and jumped in the passenger seat as T jumped in the drivers seat (cause I hate driving and he hates my driving) and away we went, sipping our drinks as we went.

We went to a thrift store and loaded up on Props for the kids' "Spirit Week" at school. It is ironic because when I was in school (teen years though) I hated that school spirit stuff, and here I am getting all into it for my kids. Monday was movie star/famous person day and N wanted to be Elvis. See, I told you all he was smart. So we bought stuff to throw together for that.

S and A had no idea who to be, and I was running out of energy so their costumes werent as good. A was James Dean which consisted of his hair being slicked back with pomade, a t shirt rolled up at the sleeves, faded Levi 501's and a leather jacket (which he already had). S was a generic movie star. She wore a pair of over sized sunglasses with "bling" on them, and I bought her a stuffed small breed dog to shove under her arm, and called it good. I was going to make her be Winona Rider by taking away the little dog and adding a big shopping bag full of clothes with price tags affixed to them, which amused me to no end but no one else may even get.

Then we went to the movies. We saw "Gran Torino" (Clint Eastwood)and it was awesome. NOT a family movie, its rated R so hopefully no one would take little ones to see it. It had all the swear words in it you could possibly ask for and more. Oh and violence too, which is sometimes fun. It did have an awesome message behind it though, about pre judging people of different races and stereo types and how the very people you (if you were a racist)abhor can change your life positively and give you new outlooks. It was FUNNY too, really funny. Its been forever since Ive seen a theatre that packed. It was also my first experience with Movie Nachos with runny cheese and jalapenos. It was good too, Id even do it again.

Then we wandered out to a gun show, which was really thrilling for T, and kind of fun for me too, just not as fun as it was for T. Then we just kind of ran around to various stores looking at things and ate dinner, then home. Fun, no kids, but next time....local movie theatre, couch, books, DVDs, and quiet, maybe even a long hot bath, a nap, and chocolaty substances which should be illegal. Yeah, thats what we are doing next time.


Lisa said...

I'm so jealous! I could use a little respite right now.

Erin said...

It is so awesome to have some couple time to yourself - I am so glad you guys enjoyed your time together! Tim and I will have to check out the Eastwood movie. :)

rsbg said...

I am so glad y'all got some "alone time". And the kids' costumes sound precious!!!!