Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brain cells...

...have evidently left me for brighter horizons. It is pretty sad when I sit down and play a game of "memory cards" with my kids and I dont have to let them win. What on earth is wrong with me.

Now, this was actually very troublesome to me. I was WORRIED when my 5 year old BEAT the Pluto slippers off of me in the game.

Dont get me wrong, Im happy that he doesnt have "...memory developement problems" like his former FP's told me. Nope, no problem there at all. With any of them.

In fact, Ive learned something interesting about my daughter. She does remember. All those times when she says, "I forgot", were just excuses, in fact Im going to say she was lying based on her amazing memory skills in this game. She could be champion of the world, at it. So, now when she says, "I forgot" after she has done something she was told NOT to do, I will know.

So, even though this game has left me feeling mentally disabled, it has opened my eyes to the capabilities of my daughter.

As for my feelings about my own seemingly deminished mom said its just due to being older. I hope she's right. She was probably just saying that, being a nice mom and all. No wonder MATH is so hard for me.

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Erin said...

It's called "mommy brain" and you are not alone. :)