Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too True Tuesday....

Drat that Essie anyway, for starting this thing that I feel compelled to participate in. I cant believe that I'm actually disclosing this, because I really was horrified with myself....so, here goes. And please, for the love of puppies, if you have done this yourself, please tell me, so I don't feel so bad. Thank you.

Here it is:

While camping a few weeks ago, I had walked to the bathrooms (yes, the camp ground had bathrooms) with A. I had to go and so did he. We had been gathered at the camp ground with the other 4 families we were camping with and getting ready to feast big time. We went into the restroom, and when I was done I washed my hands and left. Now, when I finish using a public restroom, I do not like to HANG out in there, so I will typically wait outside for whoever I am with. Only I did not wait...I forgot that anyone had come with me, that anyone being my little boy.

So, I'm sitting at camp chatting away when A comes up to me, with his bottom lip sticking out. wanting to know why I had left him. I wanted to drown myself in the lake because I had completely forgotten ALL about him. Apparently the poor little guy came out and couldn't find me, so he waited there for a few minutes thinking I would turn up, and when I didn't he headed back to camp.

I'm not proud of it, in fact its probably my worse parenting mistake, one that I thought I would never make because I'm extremely worried about the bad people out there who steal little children. I'm ALWAYS thinking about that stuff, not this time though evidently, I guess all the hot sun had baked my brain. So, there it is, my Too True Tuesday moment for this week.


foxy said...

Okay, well, I don't have "kids" kids so it might not seem comparable to you... but I felt the same guilt about it.

I accidentally left one of my dogs out ALL NIGHT LONG a little while back. And it was the little one, at that... the 2.5 lb one... who usually snuggles up in the bed with me. I felt HORRIBLE the whole next day even though I'm pretty sure she promptly forgot.

obladi oblada said...

Foxy: Oh no!!! My dogs are like my kids too, so yeah, that qualifies. Eeek.

Annie said...

Well, in the interest of honesty, I have to say: I have not done this.

However, I am quite confident I have done worse. One worse thing: We had a foster child whose enormous PTSD issue was abandonment. If I was so much as ten minutes late picking him up at school, he'd go berzerk. Literally. My windshield is broken due to this....so, you would think that I'd have it pretty well sorted out in my mind when to pick him up, wouldn't you?

So, imagine my horror when one day I realize that I TOTALLY forgot to pick him up from basketball practice! At night. In the winter. Fortunately, we were having car trouble at the time....so when I finally found him, alone outside the school, what did I do? I lied, lied, lied. I felt in this case if was FAR better than admitting the truth!

obladi oblada said...

Annie: I lied to...I to told A that I thought he had already gone back (even though he is supposed to wait for me!)

Funnyrunner said...

awww. We all do stuff like that, OO. No worries. It's too much on our minds all the time.

A couple sessions with a therapist when A's older and all should be well... ;)

Reighnie said...

I had to laugh...sorry. I don't think I've ever just taken the boy to the restroom. Usually, I line them all up whether they have to go or not.

I can definitely see myself forgetting him though. Definitely. I'm one of those in and outta there people.

Rachael said...

Have never done this with a child.

But, just last week, let my daughter's bunny out to get some exercise in the yard and forgot about it UNTIL THE NEXT DAY!

Fortunately, he survived, and was found safe and sound under the porch. My daughter was not impressed with me. She really is quite responsible with her pets.

The Accidental Mommy said...

Good cover- saying you thought he already left!
I was pretty horrified with myself for leaving the cat out all night, even though it was his own fault. So I am sure the guilt over this one was solid!

obladi oblada said...

Man, you all were supposed to make me feel BETTTER. Lol on the therapy comment, FunnyRunner.