Monday, August 31, 2009

Babbling brook

Its been a while too long actually. Its not that there hasnt been stuff to write about, its just that Ive been lazy. I have been reading others' blogs but just havent come here to write much. Life is nutso lately, not sure where Im going or what exactly Im doing. Want to be involved, but want to left alone...if that makes sense. Probably not. Disregard.

We had a fabulous time with UP, and he went home on Saturday. We tried out the new vehicle on its first long trip to the mountains. It did well...up until the time it got christened by not ONE, but TWO vomiting children. A and S got sick from the winding road to the canyon look out, and not thinking about the road ahead, I had given them nectarines and a bottle of water...yeah.

I was amazed at my reflexes though...Im lightening quick, if I do say so myself, and so it could have been MUCH worse. On the way home A cracked me up

A: (looking out the window, pointing at motorcycles) when I grow up Im going to ride those with my sons.

Me: Oh really? That would be fun. Your sons? What about your daughters?
A: Im not having any daughters.
Me: Hmm...what if you do though?
A: I will give them to the mom.

Nice, huh? Glad he doesnt live in China. Yikes.
I will post some pics of the trip (without vomit, of course.

One the way home from taking UP to the airport, we stopped at some outlet malls and I did shopping for N and a little for A. Now they are all ready for school. I will take S, just me and her and grandma, for hers next week...make a special thing out of it for her.

Anyway, finished boy clothes shopping at the Gap outlet store. Lots of cool stuff. We ate lunch at a German restaraunt. I love doing that, it reminds me of living there..(in Germany, not the restaraunt). The waiter came over and got our order and after he left, A asked how come he was speaking english. So cute.

I didnt go to church on Sunday. I stayed home did a thousand and five piles of laundry, and stared at all the yard work I had to do. Oh, and I did some homework. I watched a couple of recorded episodes of "Hoarders" and visions of my garage and my closets popped up in my head. Must clean out closets. I made some really killer chicken quesadillas too. Light on the cheese, and no sour cream for hubs and me. They rocked though.


Corrine said...

A German restaurant, huh? NEAT!

A road trip with vomit...sounds like my house. It is amazing how Mom's have a 6th sense, of sorts. You can be ready with a bowl (or Shaw's bag in the car) before the child is on his first wretch! It is a gift from God!

As far as wanting to be involved, and yet left alone. I totally get it!

obladi oblada said...

Its amazing how you can ask the child just minutes before how they are or how they are doing and they will say: "Fine". Neither child gave us a verbal warning..just the "look".

Amy said...

You're awesome.

You mentioned 'Hoarders'. Can I tell you about my experience with that show?

It made me ashamed of the amount of clutter in our house - and the fact that we can't park cars in our garage. SO much so that a dumpster is coming from our trash company on Friday, and we are just throwign random crap away.


I want to be minimalists. Since that won't happen, we are just getting rid of a lot of stuff.

obladi oblada said...

A, we could use a dumpster at our house too. We cant park in the garage either.