Thursday, August 6, 2009

nice stuff

Thats what Im writing about right now. Since I do not have time to post camping pictures of this past weeks camping festivities. I will though, I swear.

Some nice stuff has happened post camping trip. And because I think you all are swell, Im going to share.

There is a thunderstorm heading this way and the air smells like rain. To me, this is a very nice thing considering I spent the last several days in what felt like a blow drier.

Upon returning home, my mom (who was dog sitting, and rotten cat sitting, as well) had picked a couple of juicy tomatos, jalepenos, sweet peppers and cucumbers from our garden. So, for dinner I made a homemade salsa, and a cucumber sweet pepper salad. Our first real "food" from our very first gardern. Heavenly.

I have three nice zucchinins from the garden and I will make zucchinin bread at N's request.

We also have watermelon and cantalope which will be ready soon. yummy.

Random acts of kindness are nice (duh) and I will do them more often. Yesterday in our travel home from camping, we noticed as we were sitting in a service station parking lot, a young girl stranded in the middle of the busy road; her car would not go. Hub and I jumped out and pushed her to safety. Then we dug in our cooler and gave her a bottle of water. It was beastly hot out. Not trying to get pats on the back or anything, but just want to share that I will be looking for other opportunities like that to help someone. It felt great.

Anyway, those are some nice post camping things happening with me. Hopefully I will post more later...nice things rule.


Mel said...

I love love love reading nice stuff.

Crazy Mama said...

Nice things do rule!

Funnyrunner said...

welcome home! Looking forward to reading about your camping trip. And good on ya for helping the damsel in distress!

foxy said...

And it all comes full circle. The more nice stuff you do, the more comes your way. I like that karma thing!