Saturday, August 8, 2009

(Cooking) Fool

That's what I felt like today. I did a lot of cooking today..I AM a domestic Goddess....

We picked three ridiculously HUGE zucchini from our garden and I made zucchini bread..zucchini pineapple bread to be exact. It is good stuff too. I made like four loaves. T took one to work to share, we have two for the house and I gave one to my parents.

For dinner I made an old favorite of mine. My mom used to make it when I was a kid and its what I always wanted for my birthday dinner. Cheese Enchiladas. Mary Murphy's Enchiladas, to be exact. MM was a woman that was married to one of my dad's coworkers, and she made these...and gave my mom the recipe, so we always call them "Mary Murphy's Enchiladas and they are delicious.

And because I kind of like all of you, I'm sharing the recipe. Here what you need:

Sour Cream
Cottage (or Ricotta) Cheese
Red Enchilada Sauce
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Green Chilies
Black Olives
Flour Tortillas

Did I mention that this is REALLY easy? Oh, "its really easy". There.

You mix 1 lb of sour Cream
with 1 lb of Cottage Cheese
add one small can of Green Chilies (chopped up or already diced)
and throw in a buttload of Shredded Cheese...use as much as you like.
Mix all this up really good.

In a hot pan lightly fry (very lightly) about 10 flour tortillas

In each warm tortilla place some of the cheese filling, roll up tortilla and place in baking dish

Once the dish is full of deliciously stuffed tortillas, pour the enchilada sauce all over all the enchiladas.

Then spoon left over cheese mixture over the enchiladas and top with another buttload of cheddar. Top with black olives (I did not do this).

My kids like this recipe too. The boys threatening to eat all the fruit if dinner wasn't done SOON.

Bake at 400 for about 40 minutes, until hot through and cheese is melted and bubbly.


Oh, and this stuff ROCKS the next day heated up in the microwave.


Crazy Mama said...

Zucchini bread.....mmmmm....yummmm! Totally jealous! After my furry child settles down some more we are going to plant a veggie garden. Brings back memories from summers with my grandparents growing up!!!

obladi oblada said...

The bread which has pineapple in it turned out really good. So, I guess that is my new zucchini bread recipe. Its a hit for sure around here.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Totally off topic - but....My friend Cindy the beekeeper in VT is thinking of starting a blog for her husky-mix CHLOE (otherwise known as Princess CHLOE.) I have referenced her majesty's (Carmen's) blog on several occaisions (particularly the YouTube Frog duet)and want you to know in advance that jacking your blog's clever layout & design is indeed the most sincere form of flattery. If/When the site gets going I'll link you....

obladi oblada said...

Mama Drama X 2: Thanks! Hopefully she will do better on keeping up her dog blog than I am. I have been very neglectful as of late (of Carmen's blog, not her).

The Accidental Mommy said...

I never thought of using cottage cheese or richotta- yummmmmmmy, I am going to try this ASAP!