Friday, August 21, 2009

Hear Ye Hear Ye...

...God is good, y'all. Hes answered my petty little prayers in awesome ways this last week. First, I passed that inspection, which I already blogged about. It was really amazing what He did this morning though, and I DO believe it was Him and not co-incky-dink.

My husband a particualarly grueling exercise at work that was going to be observed by a bunch of big wigs, etc. So, even though he is awesome and has never screwed any of these things up, I know they can be stressful and a lot of wierd crap can happen during them. So, I prayed that it would all go smoothly, extra smooth. And you know what? It could not have gone smoother. Heres what God did to make sure of that...the power went out in the whole area where this was going to be at. So, his Graveyard shift didnt have to do it was saved for the dayshift! Yes!!! So he is home and is in a fantastic mood.

Then EARLY this morning at O dark thirty (3 am, to be exact), I had to be at the bus station two towns over to pick up hub's brother, Uncle P. I prayed that I would make it there without getting lost (I have no sense of direction)...and I did, he was on time and it was a real pleasant event instead of one that was a giant pain in the behind.

The next awesome thing just happened. We are going to go to the mountains this weekend with Uncle P and there is no internet access there. Which means I wont be able to do any homework for a few days...which isnt good, because stuff is due on I was going to spend today doing all my work. Well...guess what? Its a light week in class, and it took me about an hour and half to get done with everthing, when it could have turned out to take me all day and all night, like it does sometimes. I prayed that I would be able to focus and get it all done...taken of care of. Another prayer answered.

So, because of aforementioned possibilty of mega-homework, my hub took Uncle P and the kids (who are meeting him for the first time) out to do some sight seeing, so I could do my homework. This is neat because now I dont have any homework, and its kids yelling or whining, no sounds of wii being played, no dogs barking at yelling, whining, wii playing kids...just the sound of my keyboard, tappity, tap, tap. "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" (If you can name that book/movie, I will declare your awesomeness). Now I have several choices...swim ALL BY MYSELF, mow the lawn (, sleep, watch tv, watch a movie, read, or take a bath and read....leisurly, without little fingers underneath the door, or muffled voices saying "moooooommmmm, are you done yet? Arent you CLEAN yet?". Nope, non of that...just me and my bubbles and my book. Maybe they will be gone for a while, and I can do the bath, book and THEN the nap. Ive decided Im too lazy to swim, and they may make me do that later anyway. I go, to enjoy my much needed (and appreciated) solitude. Don't hate me.


Funnyrunner said...

Well my goodness! Your cup runneth over! I'm delighted for you! :)

Hope you enjoyed that solitude. It makes ALL the difference!

foxy said...

"Aren't you clean yet?" - that is so funny... ha! Because I don't have any littles running around yet, I really can't imagine NOT having my own quiet time. But when I tell my girlfriends about a quiet weekend with knitting, reading and relaxing, they start to drool a little bit... so I've seen where you're coming from!

Glad you enjoyed a little bit of YOU TIME. I'm sure it was fabulous... :)

And - YES - i know that movie! The Shining, anyone? Declare my awesomeness at once!

YogaGrrrl said...

Hey there you! I hope you have fun this weekend! Glad to hear all went well. Tell "the hub" hello, too!
Yes, "The Shining" is a fabulously atmospherical Stanley Kubrick movie from the 70's starring Jack Nicholson and the ever so annoying, strange and stringy-haired Shelly Duvall. Another fabulous line from the movie is "Come play with us Danny". (You'd have to see to understand). If you have about 2 1/2 hours to kill and like to be creeped out, do rent it.
So, I want my awesomeness declared too!
By the way, you are NOT clean yet, because you are sitting in bathwater! Ha! :)

obladi oblada said...

I didnt see these Shining comments for some reason, off to declare awesomeness...better late than never!