Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh yeah....

Some things I meant to write about, but kind of forgot to post. Mostly camping stuff. N amazes me more and more every day. This is a kid who was hesitant to try new things, as he lacked confidence. Now, there really is no stopping him, Im afraid. In fact he said THIS to me after I told him I didnt want him climbing up this STEEP dirt embankment:

"I laugh at danger".

He was kidding, but it just shows his new found confidence. This years camping trip had him Kneeboarding behind the boat. This kid could barely SWIM last year. Now he is a fish and will do anything water related. And you know what? He was good at it too. He got up and stayed up and tried a few tricks too. I am proud.

Also, while on the Seadoo with a family friend, they went to the "cliff diver" area. N decided to jump off the cliff into the water! It wasnt very high up, but still! It was higher than our diving board. Its a good thing he has other adults to do this type of thing with him, because I probably would not have let him do it, especially after the backdive incident on our diving board. My husband says its normal for boys of his age to try stuff like, I am not going to worry at this point. Like I said, I am proud.

And THEN he made me proud in a whole 'nother way. We were at the deli (our first night in camp, and did NOT feel like cooking)getting sandwhiches, and T and the kids had gone and sat down while waiting for our "to go" order. I stood up near the counter to wait, because the seating area isnt really visible from the counter and I didnt want our order walking away or to be forgotten about (Im paranoid when dealing with the "customer service" of some places). So I stood. and stood. Then I walked around the corner to see how the family was doing. All the chairs were taken so I stood for a second, and was going to go back up to the counter. Well, N got up and OFFERED me his seat!!! AND as soon as he did this, little A offered me HIS.

What cute little gentleman! I have to say, that one came out of nowhere. I was very very proud! (Have I already said that?)


foxy said...

"I laugh at danger."

That is hilarious. I wish I had the cohones to say that.

Funnyrunner said...

awwww. makes it all worthwhile, huh?