Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ponderings from the pits of my mind....

...when did life get so complicated? How come a simple little thing like going camping is almost more work than its worth almost?

We are going on our anual camping trip this weekend, which is supposed to last a week. Im thinking we wont stay that long. Im just not exited about it like usual. Im dreading the work of packing/setting up camp/tearing down camp/packing up to go home/and unpacking when we get home/ all the hellacious laundry I will have to do. So, excited? No, not so much. The good thing is that I will see people I really like and some of them I havent seen in a while. Ill prohably start enjoying myself about the time its time to leave. Somewhere in the bowels of the archives of this blog is the post about last years camping trip. Maybe I should re read it. Maybe that will help me get excited. Or maybe not, because I dont even remember what I wrote....I would much rather, at this point, hop on an air plane, go somewhere and be pampered in a hotel. No tent, no bugs, no trying to prepare food in the 100 plus degree weather...which is odd for me I LOVE the outdoors usually. The kids loved camping last year and I guess it should be all about them anyway. Ive had my share of great times as a kid and its their turn.

I think I need some candy. The vending machine is calling me.....Ill be right back. No Starbursts. Darn. So, I settled for Peanut M&Ms.

So a two year old and his mom just won a trip to Disneyland on the radio. Seriously? That trip has got to be more for Mom...I happen to know more about Disneyland than the average bear, and it is kind of wasted on a two year old. Dont mind me, Im just jealous.

Wow, I just read through this and this post is like a giant whine fest. Sorry 'bout that. Life is really good, it is. Im thankful for a lot of things like, my husband, who is a really great guy, my kids, who are really good, my parents who have done a lot for me, my dogs who make me smile and who also make me late for work because I cant stop kissing them before I leave, all my friends, both real life and those in cyber land, my job, it is a pain in the butt but Im lucky to have it. There Im feeling better already.


Mel said...

it is your blog whine away although that did not sound like much of a boys could give ya lessons if ya want LOL

i am not not not a camping person, ewwwwww so the part about the hotel i was on board with!!!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Hope you have sunshine and plenty of SMORES to tide you over on your upcoming vacation!!!!! We are also camping this weekend and praying for at least one rain free day (especailly since we are in tents...ARGHHH.

Erin said...

I'm not a camping person either unless it involves an RV or nice campground lol! Whine's good for the soul!

JennyMac said...

Sometimes you just need to speak your mind...blogs are perfect for that. Hope you have a great weekend.

Mom said...

Hey now! What do you mean "settle" for peanut M&Ms?! They're my fave! LOL

I hope the camping trip is better than expected! And that your weather is prefect. :-)


The Accidental Mommy said...

Camping.... thats when you stay at a Holiday Inn right?
I just had to say, I am SO with you on the trips away from home. We go to my parents house, 3 hours away and stay the night every other month. It takes a day and a half to get everything ready for the 3 of us. The Husband, as a Grown Man, is expected to ready his own self. Then it is another day to unpack, put away, wash, etc. For 1 overnight trip, 2 days of driving, 6 hours in the car. NOT relaxing!!!