Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Left Out of the Loop by my Stupid Town.

My town left me out of the loop, and I am mad about it. They have been building this big brand spanking new grocery is huge and it has a mesquite (or so Ive heard) grill in it and all kinds of cool crap. I drive by everyday and stare with glassy eyes at the progress which was being made on it.

I, along with a lot of other people, have been waiting anxiously for a new store. All we have now is one Grocery Store, and another store which sells groceries and other things that begins with a "W" and which I will not name let alone set foot in.
So because since I wont set foot in the "store which shall not be named", Im basically down to one store, unless I drive 40 minutes, where there is a plethora of shopping choices. This new store was supposed to be open MID July....

Anyway, this morning Im taking the kids to the daycare and we go by the store. The parkinglot is FULL of cars.

ME: What? (feeling a little panicky and hurt)...Who are all those people?
N: Workers mom.
ME: Oh, right, they have to train everybody before they open....thats, this means it will be open ANY day now, Im excited.
S: Me too!!

Later, Im sitting at my desk at work (not working of course)and my hub calls me

Him: Well, its open.
Me: What? Whats open?
Him: The store, the new store
Me: WHAT???????????
Him: Its packed with people.
Me: Darn it!

I guess all those people in the parking lot this morning were PATRONS, evidently they are people which were in "the know", unlike me. What happened to the MIDDLE of July? I feel left out.....all those people in the shiny new store, with all those new smells and floors, and bathrooms and...and....but not ME, Oh noooooo, they couldnt let ME know. How the heck did all those people know? Because they are special thats why, and I hate them.


Funnyrunner said...

isn't it funny how a new grocery store generates so much excitement in a community? When I was a teenager in Wheaton, IL, the big thing, and the joke forever after, was "the new Jewel!!!"

obladi oblada said...

Funrun: Yeah, especially when there really isnt anything else in the town!

Heather Cherry said...

You named the Store That Shall Not Be Named in your tags! That still counts!

obladi oblada said...

HC: Leave it to you to notice that!!