Thursday, July 23, 2009

AWWWW Shucks...

My friend over at LLOL gave me this award!!! Now I must pay it foward (I actually like the movie of the same name)to fifteen other blogs...dont know if I can do fifteen, but Ill do as many as I can!!

So, here it goes

Heather Cherry
Erin over at Life from my Laptop
Sharon over at Sharon's World
A over at Parenting in Our Fishbowl
Tiruba over at TubavilleIts all Cupcakes
Corrine over at Buckfields Mad Mama
The Fox Den

Lisa over at The Grateful House
911 Whats Your Emergency?
The Accidental Mommy
Heidi over at Mommy Doesnt Live Here Anymore
Nan-Nan's Place

So, I realize I didnt name every blog I enjoy, but I would be here all day if I did...just know that just because you arent here, doesnt mean I dont love you!!!!


Funnyrunner said...

I thought 15 was a lot at first, too... but then I realized how many I loved and it wasn't enough! :)

cool - I'm gonna check out your favorites!

Lisa said...

Thanks! I think you rock and totally deserve it. Muuuuuwah!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!

Erin said...

Thanks!!! I guess this means I actually need to write a new post, lol!

Heather Cherry said...

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

foxy said...

SUPER SWEET! I agree you do have an awesome blog here and are worthy of such a prestigious award!

And thanks for passing it on to me! YAY!! I love it and will display it with pride...

Reighnie said...

Wow! Am I really included too?