Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Thoughts From My Tender Head

Things are settling down now (I hope) from a very busy two weeks or so. We have had a lot friends and family visit, and then the fourth...and Im tired. Our pool is open, so that is kind of nice. One of these days I will try and enjoy it without a bunch of kids in it....that sounds nice. Me, and the swimming pool. Just the two of us....oh, and my hub can come too. I would float on my back in silence and watch the pelicans soar above. Ahhhh peaceful. I could do that now, all except the silence part. Oh and the fact that as I'm floating, a little elbow or knee would inevitably jam into my side or something. Now that they can swim in the deep end, no place is safe.

Now I'm just complaining, and I really shouldn't. Our kids are great; we are really lucky.

I have a weird head thing going on. Its like someone has shoved a stick in my ear into part of my throat and then shifted it up so it runs up along the back of my head on the same side that ear is on. Just under the skin. Its weird, my scalp is even sensitive to the touch...so, I have that going for me.

Work stinks. I have all this stuff to do, but I don't want to do it because I KNOW it means sending a bunch of stuff back to people, who cant seem to do things right the first time (or second, or third....) and quite frankly I'm not in the mood.

I have some groovy toy reviews I want to do. However, it would require getting my camera out and loading pictures, etc, etc,....but I will get around to it. Someday soon. Maybe this weekend, oh that's right, I have weeding to do this weekend. Yipee.

Truthfully, all I want to do is sleep. For a very long time. On the same day that I float in solitude in the pool, I also want to lay in bed, with my dogguses, and watch senseless crap on tv and nap, then watch more crap, then nap some more, maybe even have some pizza, or some oreos. Now I'm dreaming. Doesn't that sound great though...a whole day of that.

Hey, what is a blog for if you cant dream on it? What would be your "ideal" day at the moment?


Erin said...

A day...at the beach...by myself...with a paperback and a People magazine. HEAVEN!

Heather Cherry said...

The swimming, napping, pizza, oreos, playing with puppies thing sounds pretty good to me, too.

obladi oblada said...

Erin: That sounds good...only for me it would have to be DESERTED beach since people pretty much suck.

HC: Great minds think alike!!

Funnyrunner said...

beach. sunshine. nice, gentle breeze. book. chair. no kids. :)

obladi oblada said...

Funny: No Sophie either? :(