Monday, July 20, 2009

Down to the wire...

So, I have been somewhat absent on my blog and the reading of others' blogs, and well, basically just about everything computer related that does not have to do with my job. I have been preparing for a major inspection and it really stinks because A) I have to actually do some work and B) Some stranger will be sitting in my office inspecting paper work and I am not that fond of people I do not know. But, I will be pleasant, and nice and smile a lot more than I do on a regular basis. I will be a kiss butt to get through this thing.

It'll be nice to get back to normal life until the next inspection in August....I really need to win powerball or something, so I can stay home, play with kids and dogs, tend my garden, bake bread and make my own pasta and all that other really cool stuff that I dont have time for. Oh, and I would spend more time on the computer doing non work related stuff.

Things have been mellow on the home front. I'll post pics later of N's diving happened yesterday. T is gone for 3 days to Portland, so its just me and the kids. And the dogs, cant forget my fur babies.

I will actually have to cook dinner, or serve dinner (dont know how much cooking will be involved) when I get home, since he usually does it. I will know what its like to be a single working mother. Ugh...I miss him already.


Mel said...

Firstly the inspection will hopefully come and go quickly!! And well three days without T I feel your works!!!

Funnyrunner said...

ooh good luck! Doesn't sound fun!

Hey- I LOVE your summer playlist. Guess there's no chance I could get you to burn a CD for me? :)

obladi oblada said...

Mel: Im sitting here waiting for them to show up...the later they are, the less time they spend in here, so thats good. Yes, delivery, and I have some frozen pizzas too.

FR: Thanks. Um...if I could figure out how to do that from a playlist, I would burn one for you..and one for myself too!