Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wierd Christmas Morning Behavior

On Christmas Eve while I was tucking A in, he did not seem like he knew what to expect with all the Santa stuff and had a lot of questions. I explained to him that in the morning, he needs to come and wake me up before he goes into the living room and starts messing with stuff.

I think he freaked out though, Christmas morning. T and I heard the boys get up, and we layed there waiting. I was so excited for him to come in and "wake" me up and tell me "Its Christmas!". I did that when I was a kid, and I thought all kids did this. Well, I did not get to experience that this time.

We heard them walk up the stairs to the living room and we could hear them whispering and then we heard them go BACK DOWN THE STAIRS to their rooms. I was flabberghasted! I was, I will admit, disappointed.

I got up and went downstairs and they were in N's room reading a book. I am not kidding. So, I asked A why he didnt wake me up and he said that he was scared, because it was still dark in the house. I pointed out that that wasnt true, because he has woke me up on numerous occasions when it was even darker, and without his big brother with him. He said he saw T and thought T was supposed to be at work, and he knows how much T needs to sleep and didnt want to wake poppy up. He then told me he saw a big horse in the living room, and didnt know who Santa left it for.

So, Im thinking he was overwhelmed and it was too much of a different and exciting experience for him that he just retreated. I dont was strange and I felt a little deflated. That is part of older child adoption though, you just dont know what is going to happen, and it is often not what you think and you must always stay open to things that may happen.


rsbg said...

awwww, that is so sad! Have they never experienced Christmas morning before? That breaks my heart!

obladi oblada said...

Hey girl, its great to see you here! They say they have, but no stockings or really any of the fun preperations for Santa. Yeah, it was a little different. I hope next year A will jump right in.

Torina said...

Ourr first Christmas was a little similar. Though, Tara had been in a good foster home for a few years where they were great about Christmas, it was still a big adjustment because we did it differently. She acted TOTALLY entitled to everything (always does anyway cause of her RAD). She was SUPER cranky. It was disappointing. We tried so hard to make it the best Christmas ever and it was just plain hard. I remember when we spent any time with family we had to constantly take her to a quiet room so she wouldn't fritz out. But, I was still happy that I finally had a kid to spend Christmas overall it was good :) Just not what I expected.

Erin said...

I think our first Christmas we told V to stay in her room until we came and got her and then we went downstairs together to see the tree and presents and all that. Now she knows to come into our room and get us. This year we did breakfast first, then the Christmas story, and THEN gifts. It took some of the emphasis off the gifts and put it more on the true meaning of Christmas and also let her medicine get in her system. :) I am sure next year will be better!

The Accidental Mommy said...

I wonder if he was scared he might do it ''wrong'' or get on the naughty list with Santa so he waited. I adopted an older child too, and it takes me by surprise the things I have to tell her about, tooth fairy being one example.