Thursday, December 18, 2008

They do listen.

A had gotten in trouble for something, and about an hour or so later he said that he was "a bad boy". I told him that he was not a bad boy, but sometimes he does things that he shouldnt do. You know, its just one of those things you might say to a kid in that situation. You dont really ever know if they even HEAR you.

So, imagine my surprise when after I told our weiner princess, Carmen that she was "bad girl", A piped up and said, "shes not bad mommy, sometimes she just does bad things".

He did it again last night. He was looking through his little bag of goodies he got from his Kindergarten Christmas party, and took out like 7 red wooden beads. He handed them to me, and said:

"Here, put these somewhere where I cant reach them".

Me: "Why?"

A: "Because I might want to put them in my mouth"

This cracks me up because he had quite a problem with security when he got here, for obvious reasons, and he was constantly chewing and sucking on anything he could find. He has gotten a LOT better with this, so when he said this, it cracked me up, he IS listening. Yessssss.


Erin said...

Yay!!! I love moments like that. V was playing with her babies and she told them that they needed to drink their milk or they would have humps on their backs when they were little old ladies. Haha!

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