Saturday, December 13, 2008

Im nuts...

...because I decided that today going to the mall for lunch would be fun. It wasnt. My mom and I really wanted some Ivars fish and chips, and S loves seafood, so we thought it would be neato. Wrongo. It.was.crazy. I actually forgot that it was Saturday because all my days seem to run into each other now. All three kids got their haircut, and S got some more pjs. Oh, I also drove forty minutes there to find red velvet cake mix. I cant find this crud anywhere. I KNOW Ive seen it and now I need it for a recipe.

I was grouchy and crabby at the traffic. People are creeps when they drive. Well, OK they are creepy other times too, but really when they drive. A actually asked me in his wee little cute voice, "Mommy are you frustracated?" Yep, thats me. OH, and it started snowing, hard. I hate driving in the snow.

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Erin said...

You are not the only one! V had a birthday party yesterday, so Friday afternoon at 4 pm we went to the mall to get a Webkinz. I thought it wouldn't be too bad - people should be at work. I was stupid! The news must be making up all this stuff about the economy because all the people at the mall don't seem to know it's in a slump.