Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust....

I am trying hard here to think of something inspirational to say and I am sorry, I just dont have anything to say about the coming year. I hesitate to throw my resolutions out there because some of them are too personal to blog about, and some, well, lets just say they probably wont happen. So, I will just be quiet about any resolutions that I have and just do them. There.

I would like to reflect back on this year though. Ive always been much better at looking back than I have foward, which is why I like retro stuff and old music. Anyway this year has been a big one for me and for T. Oh, and it has also been huge for the kids; they can finally stay put and they have had a plethora (dont you just love that word? I do.) of firsts. This was the year of firsts.

In February we were presented with a bulletin with pictures and biography of our kids, and we said "Lets see what happens", then we spent a week in Mexico with friends, which time I could not quit looking at the flyer of the kids and dreaming about them. Also in Mexico we asked friends if they would be Godparents if we were selected for the kids and they said "yes". They have four girls already, and what is a few more kids, really?

We returned from Mexico and found out that T. had to have a triple bi-pass. So, that was no fun. Thank God the surgery was a success and he is doing great. Of course I worried about the adoption, but he and Dr. ensured me it would be was.

March: Our beloved Marco (our Italian Greyhound) passed away.

In April, I think it was, we were selected to go to committee (our first) for the three kids that we now call our own, and that we had hoped for. T said he kneew they were ours when he first saw their pictures. The end of the month brought us to our first visitation and subsequent visits. On the day of meeting our kids for the first time, our beloved friend and co worker Cole passed away unexpectedly.

In May, on the 6th to be exact, we brought them home. They had their own rooms (firsts), and had dogs (firsts).

June we were all just trying to settle into our new lives

July; see June.

August: see July.

In August we took them on their first ever camping trip, where they had many more firsts and also got to meet family and friends for the first time. They got their first ever bikes (which they still cant ride, except for A, a first for him)

September-They started in their new schools and A started Kindergarten.
N played on his first sports team ever, football. S had her first ever dance class.

October: I another year older (yuck). All three kids got awards at school. Kids got to go to their first ever Hockey game, first sporting event really. I think it was in this month that I received my AA in Criminal Justice, now to finish the next two years for BS in Psychology...Oh, and I got my first office job, no longer do I have to carry a gun...yipee! Oh and lets not forget this was the month that I brought the kitten from hell home; another first, the kids have their very own cat, that is especially for them.

November: Our first Thanksgiving with the kids. N went hunting for the first time ever and met his Uncle R for the first time. N and A had birthdays.

December: Lots of firsts here. T had another birthday. The kids rode their first ever escalater, S went to her first ever Birthday Party. N had a friend over to HIS house for the first time ever (had never had a friend over in any place he had lived), A blew his first ever bubble, All the three kids had their first experience with trimming a tree, putting cookies out for Santa, and waking up Christmas morning to full stockings (never had a stocking before). And tonight...will be the first New Years celebration together, except T has to work, which stinks. This month T's special uncle F passed away.

In a nutshell, that was 2008. Im sure there are lots Im forgetting, can you blame me? It has been a busy year. I hope this year I can become a little better acclimated to my new life and keep up in school. I also hope to have more contact with friends, J and R (you know who you are!!), I miss them.


Lisa said...

Oh my DID have a big year!

Mel said...

You have had an incredibly amazing year and I am so blessed to have been privy to some of that journey!!!

Erin said...

What an awesome year! Hoping 2009 is even better!

Kim said...

Hope 2009 brings you even more blessings!