Saturday, December 13, 2008

Casey Anthony sentenced to five for fighting

What do you get when you cross nightly viewing of the Nancy Grace show (because since it started I cant tear myself away from the Caylee Anthony story), a family obsession with Hockey, and an eight year old girl?

You get confusing ideas about various penalties in life. While we were eating our fish and chips today, S decided she needed to inform my mother about the latest developments in the case. Now, I dont let them watch it, I shoo them out of the room to go play, but they still manage to catch the jist (is that seriously a word?) of whats going on, despite my efforts. Anyway, she was talking about it to my mother, and she said, "someone found her, and she is dead, and now maybe Casey will get a penalty kill"

So, its not funny unless you are a hockey fan. A penalty kill is when a hockey player has to go to the penalty box for being naughty (we tell the kids its "time out") and so his team is left with one less player for how ever minutes they get in the box. During this time the team has to keep the other team who has a one man advantage from scoring. When the team is successful in preventing scores against them until they have even numbers again it is called, "the penalty kill".

So, like I said, its probably not funny to anyone else, but its darn funny to me. So, arent you glad you are reading? Not only do you now think Im irresponsible for letting my child watch a show that talks about murder, but now you may know more about hockey than you ever really wanted to know. You are welcome.

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Erin said...

Little people have the biggest ears. :) I have remembered that many a time I wanted to cover V's mouth!