Saturday, December 27, 2008

Satan's Fundraising

Now that it is over, here is the most annoying part of this holiday season for me. The kids' "Angel Shop" at school. It should be called the "Satan Shop" because Satan would not hesitate to steal from kids and either did whoever was running this thing. Im pretty ticked off about it too, and I may even DO something about it.

Anyway, when I was a kid we had these little shops around the holiday where we could buy cheap little gifts for our parents or whatever for Christmas. It was pretty cheesy stuff, but it was kind of fun and kids could afford it so cheesy was ok.

This is what I was expecting. We gave each child ten dollars to buy for each other, both parents and grandma and grandpa. The flyer that the kids brought home said items would range from twenty five cents up five dollars and it even had a little check list of who they were supposed to buy for. This led me to believe that they would be having some assistance with this, especially the Kindergarteners.

There was obviously no supervision while the kids were "shopping". OK, that is not too big of a deal, I can deal with that. What did tick me off is the stuff that they were selling. I was a little upset when Sasha showed me what she had gotten for N and for T. She had got each of them a jigsaw puzzle, that was from like the seventies and had been opened, quite a few times by the looks of it. It looks like something someone had try to sell at a million garage sales, but because of the shape of the box, never sold. I mean I will be shocked if all the peices are there. The boxes were also written and scribbled on.

Now, I have nothing, absolutely nothing against used items. Infact, one of my favorite things to do is go garage sailing and second hand store surfing. I live for it, it really floats my boat. I just think that if the school was going to do something like this, they should do a better job screening the items to make sure they were in DECENT shape. If you dont think the jigsaw puzzle thing was that bad, how about this:

A wooden back scratcher that has all the teeth broken off of it, and was obviously used. I mean that is pretty gross. I dont need nor do I desire some strange mans flakey skin and God knows what else coming off onto the body of my loved ones. This is the gift N got for my husband. Crazy. They sold this crap to KIDS who dont know any better. I think that is pretty evil. Satan is alive and well and in charge of fundraising at our elementary school. Nice.


Erin said...

Our school does a Santa Shop during a Saturday morning visit with Santa but all of the items are new and they give you a little envelope ahead of time with the list of items and how much each thing is. It sounds like their school needs some more organization if they want to do something like that! Uck...who wants obviously used by heaven knows who Christmas presents???

rsbg said...

are you kidding me? that is like a thrift store, not Santa's workshop! I would be livid... although I did laugh hysterically at your old man flakey skin comment. :-)

Mel said...

ok i would be mad, i remember those stores when i was a kid but the stuff was still packaged..