Saturday, December 20, 2008

Putting it together

...thats how my mom described what A said to me this evening. I was tucking him into bed and he asked, even though he knew the answer, "where did we live before here". I named his former foster parents.

A: Oh, where before that?
Me: (I told him the names of the people they were with prior to their last home)
A: Where after this?
Me; No where. You will be here until you grow up and are sick of me.
A: Oh, good. I want to live by you
Me: I would like that
A; You could come over.
Me: Cool. What could we do?
A: Talk
Me: About what?
A: About how I was silly when I was little.

Wow. Warmed my little heart right up. My mom was over at the house and we had been baking some stuff. The kids hovered around us a lot while we were doing this. I think the fact that my mother lives around the corner from me and we hang out and "talk", was playing out in his little mind and he was thinking about when he grows up. I love this kid, he is pretty darn special.