Friday, May 22, 2009

Retro Foto Friday

Me and my Uncle Dean. Though I didnt see them all that much because we lived in SoCal and they lived in Missouri, I have only fond memories of him. He always made me laugh and because of that I always looked forward to seeing them. My brother and I would listen and watch intently because he would always do or say something funny. His wife, my Aunt Wanda had a great sense of humor too. Just funny people. See, Im laughing here. Of course Im told this picture was taken moments before he lifted me up over him "airplane" style, and I was laughing so hard I dropped a big long string of drool in his face. Good times.


Corrine said...

I love the RETRO PHOTO!

Your so cute, and it is nice to have an "Uncle Dean". Someone to make you laugh.

obladi oblada said...

Thanks Corrine, he really was a funny guy.