Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random stuff.

I dont have anything profound to say (do I ever?) tonight. Things have been relatively calm (knock on wood) for the last few days. The kids seem comfortable with thier new official family.

I went to the school on Friday with the adoption decree so they could change the last names. N said when he came back in from recess he had a new name tag on his desk. Cool!

A little boy from S's class came and asked if she could play. I said, "I guess so". This was the kid that was chasing S at school at the beginning of the year. N was trying to defend her (because she was acting like she didnt like it, even though she did), and pushed this boy down, causing him to hit his head on a bike, and having to get his head stapled. It was one of those "welcome to parenthood" moments that I could have done without. Anyway, he came and played. I asked him if he needed to call home and tell someone where he was. He said:

"No, I can stay out until eight o clock" (it was one in the afternoon).
Me: Oh, well...
Him: I can spend the night somewhere too.
Me: Oh, and not tell your mom where you are?
Him: I have to ask her
Me: Well, thats good.

I mean, is it me? Am I an uptight parent, who is holding her children too close? Overprotective? I dont think the news people. I could never turn my kids loose for seven hours, out somewhere, with whoever and me not know about it. So, I feel bad for this kid. He is in second grade for Pete's sake.

Lets see...what else? Oh, yeah, I went to a weight watchers meeting and the leader who gives the little lesson of the week was wearing a shirt with the words "chocolate" and "love" all over it. Ok, I happen to agree with that, it REALLY appropriate for a weightwatchers meeting? I think not.

Some Moron almost killed my whole famn damily today. Just came flying out of the parkinglot into the lane we were in. My awesome stud of a driver husband had to swerve while ensuring we didnt run into anyone else, and also use one arm to keep me from flying toward the dash, since my dumb butt wasnt wearing a seat belt (hey, MY KIDS were wearing them!). So, that was fun.

TV...almost all my shows are over with for the season. What do I do for my me time? I already read a little in bed before passing out, so maybe I should read more. Grey's Anatomy finale really freaked me out. I mean come ON. BOTH O'Mally AND Izzy? Thats just too much. I think they should reserect that dude, whats his name? THe dead guy that Izzy married? Denny. Yeah, he is hot. Bring him back as...something, anything.

Hell's Kitchen. I was pleased with the finale and the outcome. I liked both contestants, but I was routing for Danny. Good Lord, he made me cry when he was talking about his mother. I hate when I do that. ITS A TV SHOW, about people I dont know..why am I crying?

Just American Idol is left. For one more week. The kids and I have decided that since Danny GOkey is gone, we will actually vote for Chris. I figure Adam has a career ahead of him no matter what, so we will vote for Chris. Besides, Im still a little upset about that "Ring of Fire" thing Adam did.


Mel said...

7 hours for a 2nd grader, yikes!!! I could not would not sam I am...

Hooray on the name changes!!! hopefully the new birth certificates will arrive soon and you can do the whole SS thing too!!! There is one more sigh of relief when all of that is done.

i have not gotten to watch AI all season, but will hopefully get to watch the finale, but at this rate who knows...i have been learning about the season from various blogs :)

Erin said...

The neighbor kid down the street is the same way - he's only a few years older than V and he wanders the neighborhood for hours at a time. I must be uptight too because I wouldn't ever let my kid do that.

I COULD NOT believe Grey's Anatomy - I was bawling like a baby at the end of the episode. I knew Heigl and Knight were leaving, but the way they killed them off??? I was not happy.

Lisa said...

AAAHHHHH....I haven't seen the end of Grey's yet. I averted my eyes though.

Denny...When we were in NYC in March 2008, Denny's room was right across the hall from ours. No kidding. Much hotter in person BTW. Oh man is he ever. He had locked himself out of his apartment and the maid had to let him in. Almost pee'd my pants a little.

Stacey said...

WOW! Seven hours!!?? we don't let Avery out of our site. If she is outside, so are we. Granted she is still 4 (5 in July) , but I cannot imagine changing that drastically in the next two years. I don't know what I would be doing for 7 hours anyway. Does she spend any time with him!?

I agree with you on AI. Adam irks me for some reason. He screams too much or something. I get annoyed when I am listening to him. I really liked Danny but I think he will do fine. So will Chris.

Oh, and PUT YOUR SEAT BELT ON!!!!!!!! ;)

obladi oblada said...

Mel: Yeah, the SS stuff...ugh. Then I have to do passports, fun stuff. AI was a good one this season, a lot of talent, even more so than last year, I think.

Erin: I know!! Why did George have to have THAT happen to him? Couldnt he have just enlisted, and then decide that he wanted to go full time instead of reserves? I mean he'd still be off the show without that happening. Sheesh. Oh and I freaked when it was realized he was writing "007" in Mere's hand. Totally NOT expecting that!

Lisa: Ooops. sorry. I will "spoiler" alert next time!! Denny hotter in real life...whoa..thats pretty hot. Lol and the peeing!

Stacey: I dont know what she does. She didnt contact us when N pushed him and cut his head open at the beginning of the year...I would have if I were here..I dont know, sad though. On the seat belt: Yeah, I know, I KNOW. I usually do, I dont know why it wasnt on.