Friday, May 29, 2009

Open Letter to the Sport of Tennis

Dear Tennis,

What is your deal? You obviously think your special. Using all those words like "love" and crap in your scores. What is wrong with a number score, huh? What do you have against 5-0, or "its tied up" or "scoreless". I mean, "deuce"? It isnt a card game for Pete's sake, its a sport with a ball, which should use the number system. Oh and if that isnt bad enough, your female players wear skirts. Well, la-ti-da, arent you something? Please. Oh, and your fans? Boring. Their polite little applause like they all sticks up their bums. How about some shouting in the stands? Or someone throwing a plastic beer cup, or a people with painted faces? Nope, too good for that obviously. Then you go and put yourself into a wii game, and now my children are using your ridiculous terms for scores, and frankly, its making me ill. Please stop the insanity.

A Baseball, Football and Soccer Mom.


Corrine said...

Great post.

Mel said...

this is totally hysterical and true to boot!! i like tennis but do not understand the scoring either.

obladi oblada said...

Corrine: thanks.
Mel: I played "tennis" as a stupid teenager, mostly it was just goofing off in the court and hitting it over the fence...had NO idea what we were doing.