Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Annoyment, Enjoyments and Things That Creeped Me Out In The Last 24 Hours.

Ok some of this may overlap because honestly, some things that I enjoy also creep me out, and some things that creep me out are annoying, for instance..oh, never mind, just read the list.

3)Co Workers
4)Mandatory stupid training.
5)The new people at work who sound off in the training, like they have ANY idea what goes on here (this would also fit into enjoyment, because it is amusing as well).
6)This stupid bra wire
7)Dust in the air (I kind of feel like Im in a Western...where is the Val Kilmer version of Doc Holliday, he needs to front and center STAT).
9)Homework that Im avoiding
10)This old Mister Mister song, or whoever the heck it is.
12)I cant get past level four in the wii classic car racing (the important stuff)
13)A is still looking at the ball in T ball when up to bat and seeing where it goes and THEN running (which is kind of enjoyable too)

1)The chocolate and coffee that an anonymous friend left at my house for me for mothers day. Yum (Thank you, whoever you are!!!)
2)The wind (also kind of an annoyment)
3)The fact that I AM leaving the office for lunch and to buy cat food.
5)My greening lawn (also a huge thorn in my proverbial side)
6)The pekinese mix dog down the road that I LOVE, with his cute little monkey face (an annoyment too, because his owners let him run around all over the damn place. I want to steal him, but hubby says NO!!!)
7)The fact that for now, Im successfully avoiding all facets of work AND school.
8)The 40 minutes last night that I spent in S's room, just me and her, coloring and talking about kick ball, dogs, and her friends.
9)The fact that my new friend O's daughter also minds everyone else's business just like my S!!!!
10)The fact that O didnt get mad when I laughed at her exasperation at her daughters nosiness (misery loves company)
11)Talking with other adults for the whole two glorious innings of T ball.

Things That Creeped (or are still creeping) Me Out.
1)The motor boat noises the guy in the office across the hall is making with his mouth.
2)William Shatner in those Priceline commercials
3)The fact that I saw one of the big bosses from work cruising a neighborhood near the high school this morning, in his 'vette. He doesnt live in that neighborhood, have a teenage child, and he was going the wrong way to be going to work. And this is the second time Ive witnessed this. (Its a long story why this creeps me out, and one I must keep to myself, sorry.)
4)The idiot at work who informed me it was against the law to send a letter without a return address. (wow, I should have like a billion dollar warrant on my head then, moron)
5)The movie Into The Wild (not horror creepy, but disturbing creepy...which I kind of enjoy because Im dark like that sometimes).


Heather Cherry said...

How did I know you'd put Shatner on this list?

obladi oblada said...

Hmm...does your mom think he's creepy too? Maybe thats how. Or maybe Im losing my mind Im repeating myself...probably the latter.

Heather Cherry said...

She might! But yeah, you're repeating yourself. You told me that once. I can't remember when? LOL!

Erin said...

It's the job of little girls to be incessantly nosy. :)