Sunday, January 18, 2009

Funniest thing Ive heard this week

It came to light this morning that A did not listen to his teacher on Friday, because he "wanted to be home". Normally, this is a kid that gets behavior awards and who the teachers absolutely adore, so I was kind of surprised. Anyway I talked to him about this:

Me: How many times did Mrs. T have to ask you to stop this?
A: twice
Me: How many times should she have to ask you?
A: Once.
Me: Yes, thats right.
A: But Mom, twice is better than her telling me a hundred times!

I cannot argue with that!


Erin said...

Hahahaha! I would love to teach that kid - he's got a great sense of humor. :)

Lisa said...

Very cute! Maybe you have an attorney in the making! ;-)

Stacey said...

he has a point! :) they always do, don't they??

Brenda said...

LOL@ He's clever.