Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Annoyments/Enjoyments of this VERY second


1. School work nagging at the back of my mind, quite loudly
2. This Diet Coke, not what I REALLY want, but whatever, stupid body image.
3. This song on the radio, I think I last heard it on an episode of "Family Ties'.
4. The phone ringing.
5. School work nagging at the back of my mind.


1. The fact that my office door is shut and Im inside, and there isnt anything anyone can do about it, since Im entitled to a lunch break.
2. The piece of Werthers candy sitting in front of me, waiting patiently.
3. The banana Im eating
4. The fact that American Idol starts tonight (Im lame, I know this, but I LOVE Simon Cowell)
5. Thumbing my nose at school work.


Mel said...

ok your post made me laugh, I am glad AI is back tonight too!!!

I miss you guys at you know where as well, i get over there to read i just don't have anything that seems to make sense to post for anyone right now...i will be back (hey i am channeling schwarzaneagger LOL)

obladi oblada said...

Good to see you Mel!!

Erin said...

Oh girl, I used to feel the same way about Diet Coke, but now I can't stand regular and only love diet!!! You'll get there. :)

Stacey said...

have you tried coke zero? I absolutely love it, but my hubby hates it. cherry coke zero is the best!!! hope it gets better for you, i know what you're going through!!!!