Monday, June 30, 2008


Ok, I have been slacking. I cant help it though, I am a very busy woman. Apparently, a dumb one too. Im dumb because I ran into the big post thing on the dock with the wave runner and broke peices of the hull off in three places. Needless to say, the hub isnt happy.

I also started a new job which will give me new hours. Better hours, but more stress I am afraid. We shall see how long I last.

Oh, and the kids; they take up a few minutes of my time too.

Did I mention this last week was final week? Well, it was. I now have an AA. Degree, not a battery. So, I have an EXCUSE.


Erin said...

WOO HOO on getting your AA!!! Waaay cooler than a battery. Haha! I was wondering what was going on. BTW - you owe hubs big time for the wave runner. LOL!

obladi oblada said...

Erin, I know, I owe him big time. I love riding it, but I cant park it to save my life!!