Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers day

We had a good day today. We didnt go to church, because I wanted to get something for my husband for Fathers day and had procrastinated on it until this morning, of course. Its just how I am.

I fed the kids breakfast, I had my coffee (because without that...well,it would be VERY ugly), and we went to the store.

Adam (5) embarrassed me twice while shopping.

There was a man with something wrong, some disability that affected the way he walked. We are right behind the man, and Alex says, "What happened to him?". I wanted to crawl under a car. Any car.

Then we were in the store and an employee was stocking shelves, and her cart was in the middle of the aisle, kind of blocking (normally, I get all bent out of shape about that kind of thing, but Im trying to be a GOOD example), so I kind of eased by and she moved the cart and said "sorry". I said: "Thats OK". Adam blurts out: "That was a girl?" The lady HEARD him, and said, "yes". Again, I wanted to die.

So on to the GOOD part of the day. My husband got home from work and found the cute little hand-written-on school paper-with pencil and crayon, "Happy Fathers Day" notes from the kids. Samantha taped them all to the bedroom door, so he wouldnt miss them.

She wrote her own little shopping for daddy list, it went like this:

Votes for dads present


HAHA. They never did vote on it, because I confiscated it to go into a "too cute" file somewhere. I guess she sees dads as people who either sit or fix stuff. LOL.

We ended up buying him some movies, and some Candy Corn (he loves those little orangey triangles). He worked all night so he wanted to sleep instead of go out to dinner.

The kids got him a card that had merekats on it. We thought it was so appropriate because they have been engrossed in Merekat Manor on Animal Planet as of late. If I was "cool" Id have a scanner and scan the card in, but Im not, OK? Get over it. You are just going to have to be satisfied by a description.

The little kid merekats, of which there are three, are commenting about someone passing gas, and making jokes,etc. and the Daddy Merekat is saying:

"You just wait untill we get back to the burrough".

Inside it says something like "thanks for keeping us in line, happy fathers day".

It was cute and my husband got a kick out of it.

Later the tranquility was shattered when Nick got angry and kicked one of his brothers toy horses and knocked its head off. Adam screamed like he was being tortured. The horses head is back on now, but he looks like he has Narcolepsy. Nick did this because he was "mad". I told him that he is not to kick things that belong to other people when he is mad. He said: "OK, but can you just tell them to stop making me mad".

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