Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer day camp love triangle

Why does the girl thing have to start already? Nick has enough problems with things that he doesnt need to add this to the mix. Im kind of annoyed, although it wasnt all that different than when I was a kid (WAAAY back when).

When I went to pick them up from day camp the other day he pointed to a little girl and said "that is so and so and she wont stop chasing me all day, and she announced during pictionary that she liked me". Great. Then he said that she also liked his "best friend" (who he has known for all of four days)who they call (for reasons still not understood by me) "cheeseburger Eddie".

Today, I hear that this girl got in trouble because she kept touching Nick. WHAT????
She needs to stick with Cheeseburger boy and leave mine alone, I think.

Sasha lost recess time at camp because her and her little friend were playing in the bathroom with the water and I guess it was everywhere. She adamently denies that it was her, but only her friend. I believe her. Am I a fool?

Today they did a skit where they sang a little song and then each said thier name and what they liked. Noah said he liked games of all kinds. Samantha said her name and then you couldnt hear A WORD she said.

When asked she said she told her name and that she liked her family and her dogs. AW.

Thats a step up from before. Once she was talking about how it would not be good if they had to move again because, and I quote, "what if we move to a family who doesnt have dogs". That was her big concern. At least now she is telling the world she likes us AND the dogs.

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Erin said...

Sounds like they are doing great! :) I am glad day camp is going so well.