Friday, June 20, 2008


So, I do not remember whether or not Ive mentioned the two older kids are in summer day camp. two oldest are in summer day camp. They are gone from 8:30-4:30 five days a week. That leaves me and little Adam. Which is cool. We are getting to know each other quite well.

I have learned that he has a liking for Tom Petty and Johnny Cash. He wants to listen to them in the car ALL the time. Of course he didnt know anything about either of them before coming to us. He loves music so he fits right in. One particular Johnny Cash song, he had me play SEVEN times today, in a row. He sings it while he is playing, but messes up the words.

The song says: "...dont go writing hot checks down in Mississippi...." He says: (and I SWEAR this is TRUE) " chicks down in Mississippi".

For some reason, everytime he hears a new band or singer he has never heard of before he asks: "Is he dead?" Usually the answer is yes.

We went to the park and he informed me that if there were any 5 year olds, he was going to make friends with them, but not any four year olds. There was a four year old however, and he did play with him for about 10 minutes. He came back over to me and I asked why he stopped playing. He said: "He's stinky, it smells like he pooped his pants" Nice.

Then he went back over and was playing by himself. Two little girls came over and asked if I "owned" the boys in the blue shorts (Adam and "stinky" were both wearing blue shorts), I said, "just the one with the hat on, why?".

They said the one with no hat on just peed by the swing sets. I was thrilled it wasnt Adam, as we have already had the talk about where to pee and where NOT to pee.
So far, he knows that we dont pee in the garbage can in his bedroom and we dont pee in the front yard when there is a perfectly good bathroom inside.