Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One more chance...

The weekend was interesting. We took the kids for rides on the wave runner and it was a blast until I wrecked. No one was hurt, except the wave runner. The kids got to swim in the river for a while and it was great just seeing them have fun in the water.

Sasha has been on bit of a swimming restriction until Sunday. Apparently at the public pool, where they are supposed to be supervised, she talked to a strange man who ended up giving her his goggles. This is not ok.

The camp chaperone said that she was being watched and that the man was actually a twelve year old boy. When Sasha was asked where she got the goggles, she said "a man gave them to me, when I asked for them". I think camp is just covering thier butts. Ive seen Sasha's lack of fear when it comes to talking to strangers, and so she was punished by not being allowed to swim at the pool during the next camp swim. Did she learn anything? With her, its doubtful.

Actually she has been improving on somethings. I need to keep track of the improvements in behavior, because its important to know that progress is being made. They all have improved on keeping things out of thier mouths. Im sure a lot of that comes with feeling more secure.

Adam is still cracking me up. Today he was in the truck with hubby and they passed the road where summer camp is on. Adam asked hubby if they were going to pick up his brother and sister. It wasnt time yet, so hubby said "no".

Adam said: "Poppy, Im going to give you one more chance, and then I am going to cry, are you going to get brother and sister?"

Well now hubby is both curious and amused, so he said "no" again.
Adam again said, "Ok this is your last chance, are we picking them up?"

Hubby said, "no" and then followed it up with, "Its not time yet".

Adam said, "Its not?OK."

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