Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mother, come down from there.

I saw something interesting at the park on the fourth of July. I came over the hill toward the playground, and I see my almost seventy year old mother crossing the jiggly, swaying bridge thing on the playset. Then I see her make her way to the slide, and Im thinking, "Is she...?" She didnt slide, she bent down on her hands on knees near the top of the slide. She finally stands up and I call out to her, "What are you DOING?" Of course she realizes how it looks and laughs.

Apparently, my daughter, in her ever attention seeking ways, was stopped in the middle of the slide and calling for help. I told my mom "she doesnt need help, shes looking for attention". She said that she realized that once she got up there.

That night I had a little talk with Sasha about risking Grandmas health by "crying wolf". Like most things with her, it probably went in one ear and out the other, until I tell her for the 4th time. Then she might get it.


Erin said...

Once, V was playing in one of those inside Chick-Fil-A play areas and went across a rope ladder to go in a tube but then was too scared to go back across to come down. I talked, fussed, and ordered her to come down - finally another little boy went up and pulled her across the rope ladder. We have never been back there. LOL!

obladi oblada said...

Thats funny Erin. I did something similar as a kid. I went up into the nose of this "rocket" climbing thing, up all the ladders, but could not get down. My mom had to talk me down. I was scared to go down because I was climbing down "backwards".